A Team Approach to Caring for Your Students.

Now there is an effective way to work as an “educator team” to improve student success TOGETHER!

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Are you a school administrator who manages students’ work habits and behavior? How do you gather information from teachers and other educators in your school? Do you provide feedback to the educators as follow up?

Are you a teacher who is concerned with your students’ work habits and behavior? Do you know how other teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, or lunchroom monitors are handling these issues with the same students? Are you able to share your concerns and strategies effectively?


Mobile Multi-platform

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Easy to use anytime anywhere

Team Approach

  • Educator team shares information that is easy to access frequently
  • Option to notify parents when positive or negative information is entered

Dedicated to Student Work Habits and Behavior

  • Not a “gradebook”. Used specifically for tracking work habits and behavior, negative and positive
  • Easy to see student improvement at-a-glance
$400/year For unlimited users in a school. Purchase Now
Learn How Team Student Tracker Can Help You

You are a member of an “educator team” – a teacher, a guidance counselor, a lunch monitor, a sports coach, an administrator, or other educator:

What did you see?

With a few taps on your mobile device or computer, you enter observations about any student in your school.

What action did you take?

With a few clicks, you enter the intervention.

Who should know now?

When entering observations or interventions, you can choose to notify parents and/or the principal by automated email. Similarly, a principal can notify teachers of follow-up actions.

What else do you need to know about this student?

All entries are shared with the team in real time. You can easily get a report on your device of all observations and interventions that you and other team members have entered to date.

Positive and negative entries are color-coded.

At a glance, see improvement and other changes in activity.

The Principal can get even more information

The principal can view all entries or filter by date, student, location, issue.