FAQ’s for School Administrators (Principal, Assistant Principal, Grade-level Supervisors, other)

1. How will TEAM Student Tracker help me to monitor students?

TEAM Student Tracker efficiently and securely documents and shares information with school personnel and parents.

Here are a few highlights of what the app can do for you:
- You can track individual students in real time. Data is updated constantly.
- Since the number of staff users is unlimited, you can collect information about students from a large number and wide range of school personnel associated with any particular student.
- You can generate reports that can be helpful in meetings with parents and/or students and/or other school personnel.

2. What kind of reports can I generate?

You can filter your reports by one or more of the following fields:

- an individual student
- a student group (example: grade 9)
- a period of time ( example: from: date 1 to: date 2)
- a location (example: lunchroom)
- an “issue” ( example: homework )
- an “action” (example: called home)

Imagine being able to get instant information like:

- What is going on in the grade 9 lunchroom?
- How many times did student X not do his/her homework?
- Has student X shown any improvement this week?
- Is there a homework problem in grade 9?
- Etc.

3. Can I share my follow-up actions with my staff using TEAM Student Tracker?

Yes. You can enter your follow-up actions that can be seen in the student’s record. In addition, you can send an automated email notification to users who have entered information about that student.

Teachers want to know that there has been follow-up to their observations and interventions. This feature easily allows you to acknowledge teachers’ effort in that regard.

4. Can I get information about student issues that happen outside of the classroom?

Yes. Information can be entered anywhere there is wireless access. TEAM Student tracker allows you to specify the location with one tap.

5. I generally get information and intervene when negative student behavior is brought to my attention. I encourage teachers and other school personnel to provide good news about student behavior and work to me as well as to parents. Does this app provide this option?

Yes, TEAM Student Tracker is used for entering positive and negative information. The information is also color-coded in the reports so trends are easy to spot.

6. Will the data that we enter about our students in TEAM Student Tracker be secure?

The data that is entered in TEAM Student Tracker is stored on a secure server. Communication between all devices and the server is SSL certified. All data on the server is encrypted.
Alternatively, schools and school boards have the option of storing their data on their own server. Please contact us at info@edtechjsbf.com for more information about this option.

FAQ’s for Teachers, Counselors and Other School Personnel

1. How will TEAM Student Tracker help me as a teacher?

You may want to discuss a student issue with other teachers to get further insight or strategies that might be helpful for the student. Given your busy schedules, however, you cannot seem to find a mutually convenient time to talk or even to engage in a meaningful email exchange. TEAM Student Tracker allows you to quickly get and share information about students. Data is available in real time.

2. One of my students repeatedly comes to class with incomplete homework. Can I find out if this is happening in any other classes?

You can easily get a report of everything that has been recorded about that student. This includes observations and interventions. So, you can see if any other teachers have reported an issue with homework and what action they have taken. You can also see if any supervisors have intervened.

3. What type of device can I use to enter or read information?

The app can be installed on any device that connects to a wireless network. You have total mobility and can share information anytime and from any location.

4. What if I’m not good at typing on a touch screen?

TEAM Student Tracker does not require much typing. Most information is entered or retrieved with a few single taps of menu items.

5. I regularly provide information to the Assistant Principal/Principal. Will the Assistant Principal/Principal see all the information that I enter?

Your supervisor is looking at the information that has been entered on a regular basis. However, you have the option of sending an automated email notification to the Principal/Vice Principal whenever you enter anything about a student.

6. I regularly provide information to the Assistant Principal/Principal. Can TEAM Student Tracker help me to find out if any follow-up actions have been taken?

Yes, TEAM Student Tracker allows Assistant Principals/ Principals to enter information about follow-up actions. You can get this information by generating a report about that student. In addition, your supervisor can choose to notify you by automated email once an action has been taken.

7. My principal says I have to notify parents about certain issues with students. Can this app help me do that without having to call or email the parent?

Yes, TEAM Student Tracker allows you to notify parents about an observation or intervention you’ve made with a single click.