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Introduction to our Blog - What Matters.

Welcome to our ongoing discussion about day-to-day school matters.

As educators we interact daily with a lot of people and juggle a lot of responsibilities. Just as we cross one task off our long "to-do" list, we may be adding one or more new tasks.

Time is a luxury that we don't seem to have enough of to get everything done.

We have started this blog to engage in meaningful discussions about your needs as educators in schools. Our goal is two-fold:
1. We want to provide a place for educators to share concerns about as well as strategies for how to get things done in a timely and effective way.
2. We want to provide you with practical and "user-friendly" digital solutions to your day-to-day school teaching, classroom management, school management needs.

Whether you're a classroom teacher, a school-based administrator or a district office supervisor, we invite you to join our discussion. Who better than you to identify what matters? Once your specific need is identified, we begin to engage in steps towards meaningful solutions.


As IT Director in a private coed high school of about 500 students, I was unable to find a perfect solution for automating the tracking of student behavior. In recent years, this was a growing concern: students were presenting with more issues that required the attention of the educators.