Edtech JSBF is a company that was conceived by experienced educators with a sincere desire to improve student success in the K-12 education sector. Based in Montreal, Canada, Edtech JSBF offers digital products that address authentic and current learning, teaching and school management needs. We produce digital tools that meet the needs of students, educators and other school personnel. Our products are designed to be used in both mobile and more traditional computer technology environments.

Our Company Mission

The mission of Edtech JSBF is to support and enhance the learning experience and success of K-12 students in a changing landscape of 21st century education .

Our 3 Guiding Principles

    The company is founded on 3 guiding principles:
    - The student is at the center of everything that happens in schools.
    - Just as students are diverse, so must be their learning opportunities.
    - Student success is everyone's responsibility.

Judy Stein

With 30 years of experience as a high school science teacher and school-based administrator and Director of Academics, I have experience in a variety of administrative and pedagogical aspects of running a successful school.
My focus has always been to provide students with diverse learning styles an enriching and relevant academic learning experience. Having led the implementation of new curriculum not once but twice in my career, I have supported other educators with a variety of current and authentic pedagogical resources and strategies for instruction as well as assessment.
Well-received by educators and students, many of these resources were conceived from my own teaching experience and imagination while others were born out of capacity-building in other educators.

Brenda Fayerman

With 20 years of experience as a school-based administrator and IT Director, I have a breadth of experience in the administrative and pedagogical aspects of successful school management. Integration of technology in the classroom has been my focus for many years.
At the forefront of the use of technology as an educational tool, I have led and supported the implementation and continuous up-grade of a one-to-one laptop program. With an eye on making learning relevant and authentic for students and ensuring that both students and staff understand how to use technology as a seamless tool, I have developed a variety of learning activities that have been appreciated by teachers and other personnel and have also provided continuous support to students and staff alike.