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Not long ago Cardus published a report entitled Business Gone Quiet: Why Does Canada’s Education Monopoly Continue Unquestioned? Cardus, as you probably know, is a Canadian think tank dealing with various social issues, including educational issues. Their report (https://www.cardus.ca/research/education/publications/studies/) asks why the business community, which has been such a vocal participant in debates about post-secondary education, has virtually nothing to say regarding K-12 education. They suggest that economic interests, ideology and simple inertia are preventing Canadians from moving toward a better education system, and that the business community may be part of the answer to attaining such a better system.

In my opinion we will succeed in moving toward a better education system not by involving another player, such as the business community, and not by replacing one player, the government, by another, the business community, but rather by listening to the current players who have the experience and expertise to make a real difference  -  the teachers and principals in our schools. These people currently have relatively little influence on the strategic and operational decisions which largely determine the effectiveness of our education system, and are essentially treated as executors for decisions taken by others. Give the teachers and principals more decision-making influence and watch what happens!

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